dog ‘Fulky’



It has been a week when Mr. Lakshya met this 5+ years old female stray dog while feeding other street dogs living near his house at Rohini, Delhi. The dog was new in this location. In addition to this dog was suffering from Haematoma in his ear.

The dog was unwell due to pain in her ear. It was painful for Mr. Lakshya to see the dog in such a condition so he instantly took the dog to Vet. The Vet suggested for surgery of the dog. As surgery is a must procedure in the case of hematoma so Mr. Lakshaya admitted the dog in Nishabd. The dog went through the surgery on 6th of february and now the dog is under post operative care for couple of weeks at Nishabd.

We have named this dog ‘Fulki’ and we are giving the dog best care to make her able to get back to her normal state of health. Let’s pray for the dog ‘Fulky’ quick recovery.