”Don’t shop just adopt” a beautiful line we might have heard but it has a very strong message that is still not practiced.
We are talking about the adoption of Indie street dogs in order to give them a family as it is their right to get love and care when they are alone in their life.
Here we have come with the story of this 7+ months old puppy. This is ‘MIG’ who came to us with a fractured leg with help of Ms. Tanishka.
The puppy spent almost 6 months in our shelter for treatment and care.
The puppy gained its normal state of health in few weeks after being infected
with parvo virus, but we didn’t let her struggle alone in this bad situation and we did our best
to get this puppy come out from this horrible state. The puppy got well in
a month and now is fit and healthy. The puppy is alone but Nishabd family never let her feel alone after 2 months of recovery as Ms. Tanishka is not in connection with us as she is not reachable on telephone. We also can’t let this puppy survive alone in that location from where the puppy came to us as there is no one to help her.
Therefore we have decided to make an appeal for adoption of dog “MIG” as her eyes is looking for a family
with whom she can spend her life with love and care. we request you all that rather than choosing a
dog from shop just choose your own Desi Partner in  life which can become your most honest and loyal friend.