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Nishabd welcomes volunteers from all over the world who wish to provide help and aid to the suffering street dogs. We believe that volunteers play a vital role in the welfare and well-being of animals on streets. To be a volunteer with our organization we offer various volunteership programs to make sure that you can be of great help to these suffering souls and find some amazing tails to spend your valuable time with at Nishabd

Some frequently asked questions by the volunteers:

We encourage volunteers to spend as much time as possible based on their area of interest and requirement at that period of time. We highly appreciate every volunteer who passes through the gate of Nishabd shelter even if you come once in a fortnight.

You can volunteer for as little as 7 days. Maximum of 30 days volunteership will be acknowledged with a certificate from the organization.

Volunteers are welcome Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

A volunteer has to devote 5 hours in a day

A volunteer has to devote 5 hours in a day

A volunteer has to devote 5 hours in a day

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Volunteer with us

Ways to Volunteer

1. Veterinary Volunteering

Nishabd shelter welcomes vet volunteers for treatment of dogs. If you are a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician/paravet you can best assist the Nishabd medical team with medical management of cases in our shelter, help in providing the first-aid to the immediate cases and look after the progress of special cases through therapies. We expect our volunteers to be multi-taskers and gain hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating in a professional manner.

2. Fundraise for Nishabd

Nishabd functions solely through donations from its supporters and compassionate animal lovers with no government funding. We ensure that each penny donated is used efficiently to reach maximum voiceless critters.

Fundraise for Nishabd

A) Put out a donation box:
Speak to local authorities, representatives of your housing societies, shopping complex near you to see if they would be willing to put a donation box on their counter for people to put their loose change into. We can send you donation boxes from Nishabd.
For more information contact [email protected]

B) Start a club at your school:
You can start a club at your school with your compassionate animal lover friends to raise money to provide medical treatment to sick and injured street dogs. There are several schools around the world that are very active in fundraising for Nishabd through their Animal welfare clubs.

C) Donate on your Birthday:
To make your Birthdays special as they only come once a year, you can help make a difference in the lives of animals long after you blow out the candles. You can celebrate your birthdays with your friends and family by coming together at our shelter to change lives, by asking them to donate to a cause that is dear to you and helpful for the animals in need.

D) Donate in Memory:
Donate in memory of someone you love. You can make donations in memory of someone who meant a lot to you, to honour them and cherish the memories they have left behind. Your donation will be appreciated and is valuable for its thoughtfulness.

E) Sharing on Social media:
You can share the posts of Nishabd over your social media accounts to make it reach as many as possible compassionate animal lovers who will be happy to sponsor the treatment of the dogs looking for help at Nishabd shelter.