Founder's Message

I have been passionate about animals as far as I can look back. Our house has never been without a furry companion. I was since a young age bothered by the plight of stray dogs around me and wanted to do something for them. I firmly believe that every dog has the right to live a life without pain and sickness whether they are on the street or are house pets. Nishabd is the very physical embodiment of this belief. We made our humble beginnings in 2018, with continued support from compassionate people such as you we have been able to serve 1000 plus dogs. We would not have been able to achieve our dream of giving voice to the voiceless without your help which came in form of abundant donations, volunteering and above all your kind blessings. Thank you for caring about the street dogs and we look forward to your continuing support.

Ms. Ruchika Gupta Narang