Shelter Services

To overcome the traumatic experience of the injuries and illness stray dogs have been through, Nishabd shelter has over 30 kennels providing them a hospitable environment where they are provided treatment, post operative care and recovery therapies. Nishabd shelter is dedicated to the street dogs who are ill and injured who don’t have a family to give them treatment. Our 24X7 available Paravet and caretakers provide care and cuddles to heal the wounds of these suffering dogs.    

Ambulance Service

To make Nishabd accessible for distressed strays who need medical attention we have Ambulance service which picks up the injured and ill stray dogs reported in the Delhi NCR region. We pick up the reported cases, provide them with the treatment in Nishabd shelter and when the suffering dog is completely recovered we drop them back to their area. Through this service we try to reach out to as many street dogs as we can.

24x7 Paravet

There are more than 60 dogs that are treated every day which includes cases staying at Nishabd and the outpatients that are brought in from different localities of Delhi NCR. Our 24×7 paravet service provides treatment daily to the cases brought in by Nishabd’s Ambulance, well-wishers and to the ones who are under temporary hospitalisation in Nishabd shelter.

Treatment & Therapies

Street dogs generally suffer through diseases like paralysis, maggots, tumors, skin infections, dog bites, renal failure, tick fever, anaemia etc. We provide the best of our treatments to cure the disease they are suffering from. Nishabd team also delivers therapies like hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, chemotherapy, fluid therapy, blood transfusion.

Sample Testing

We have tie-up with renowned pathology labs like Dr. Lal Path labs to get the reliable reports for the cases we get to provide them the right treatment.


We provide foster facilities to dogs who require post operative care, who need shelter services in absence of their caretakers and in case of medical attention.

Healthy Meals

At Nishabd we ensure that every meal that is cooked is nutritious and fresh to ensure speedy recovery of the ill and injured dogs. We have a dedicated team who cooks meals for all the dogs in the shelter. At Nishabd we also make sure to provide dietary food based on the treatment provided.