Why Nishabd

Nishbad envisions that everyone should understand dog as a special creation of dog and should have sensitivity towards these creatures. Nishabd places injured and wounded stray dogs in a loving, caring and responsible environment of the shelter.

Improving Health Conditions of Stray Dogs

Our aim is to heal the sufferings of the injured, sick and old stray dogs by providing them facilities like treatment, therapy and required surgeries to improve their physical well-being and making them capable to get back on their feet.

Developing sensitivity

Nishabd is working to develop a sense of belongingness and sensitivity towards the voiceless animals. We believe that each dog deserves the same respect and care that any pet gets in our country. We encourage people to be observers in the communities that they reside in and share a sense of sympathy and extend a helping hand as a caretaker to the stray dogs that are suffering.


At Nishabd we have a committed team of Paravets, caretakers, volunteers and tie-up with experienced and renowned doctors who extend their help to the stray dogs in need selflessly.

Charity and Fundraising

We welcome contributions in the form of treatment assistance, funds, food, medicines, love that suits stray dogs well wishers. We encourage people with a common goal of serving stray dogs to come together and raise funds for the stray dogs in need to improve their lives. At Nishabd we make sure that each transaction is kept transparent with the donors to ensure each penny is beneficial for the aim we work for.

Medical Facilities

For medical assistance to the ill and injured stray dogs, we have Ambulance service,
24×7 paravet services, therapy treatment, consultation services, facility of doctor visits.