This is ‘Mint’ 4+ years street dog looking for a family!!

Nishabd team has found this dog on the side of highway while coming from doctor visit of other dog from Ghaziabad. It was in the scorching heat of june when Nishabd team instantly rescued this as the dog was severly infected with maggots on his neck and ear. The wound was large but we removed the maggots. However it was painful moment for the dog but we were trying our best to reduce his sufferings by giving him the required treatment with regular cleaning of wound. We gave him antibiotics to bear the pain for quick healing of the wound but it took a month for him to completely heal. We have named this dog ‘Mint’ and we have pampered him with love and care during his stay in Nishabd shelter.
Now the dog has gained his recovery and his wound is completely healed so we are looking for a family for this dog. A family for this dog can save him from wandering on road
which has already led him to several injuries and pain in his life. That is why we are here with the story of dog “Mint” to make an appeal to all of you to come forward and adopt this dog.