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You may have seen the garbage area in your colony, or on the roadside which is the place where people put the garbage of their house in order to clean the surrounding where they reside. But we are sad to say that we also find injured, sick stray animals in garbage place. Animals does not belong to garbage, they too have rights like Humans have, but they compel to stay there. They take shelter in the garbage place because some humans don’t like to let stray dogs stand near them or near their houses.
Nishabd team has rescued a dog that we have named ‘ZYLO’ from one of the garbage places on the roadside of Ghaziabad, U.P.

‘ZYLO’ is infected with maggots. A wound has developed on his right side of face near his eye. It seems that Dog has been residing in the garbage area from long resulting to unhygienic condition developing maggots. This infection has grown day by day. However we provided the treatment, which consists of shaving the hair and removing all maggots from wound, but treatment would take several weeks of oral antibiotic and healing therapy which will be given to dog in Nishabd shelter.

This innocent soul ‘ZYLO’ needs your prayers and support. You may contribute by donating wishful amount for his treatment expenses. Nishabd is a volunteer-based organization, hence we are dependent on volunteers funds in order to provide the treatment to dogs like ‘ZYLO’.  Dog ZYLO’s treatment cost is estimated to be Rs.5,000/- including Stay, Medication and Doctor visit.


Bharath P

August 19, 2020

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