Pet Fed



PET FED an event which provides an opportunity to all to express, interact, explore and share the vital information on animal rights and compassion. PET FED is also source of entertainment through participatory activities for the dogs to showcase their skills and talent.

NISHABD also got a chance to participate in PET FED 2018.

As an Animal shelter it was exciting experience to share the services of Nishabd Dog shelter to thousands of visitors. In addition to this we have been able to learn and explore the ideas about the shelter services by interacting with other organisations in order to improve and ease the services. We also interacted with many dog lovers and people working for welfare of animals who showed their interest to volunteer for well-being of street dogs. We also shared our approach for animal recuse services and types of treatment we offer to injured and sick street dogs. We thank PET FED team for providing this platform where we met these many compassionate people.

World Animal Day



On the occasion of World Animal Day, Nishabd celebrated it by striving the 2 days campaign in Noida and Dadri on Animal rights and its welfare with changing positive behaviour for stray animals in our society as  it is the duty of every citizen to have compassion towards animals including  street dogs. We started it from Noida with a  “pyali” campaign in the nearby localities of Ramagya school, and market of Noida Sector 50, With the student and teacher of Ramagya school where children and teachers actively participated in the campaign by feeding the street dogs.