The campaign is conducted periodically in the Delhi NCR region at various locations simultaneously where we place several bowls to serve the thirsty dogs with water and food. Through this campaign we also create sensitivity towards street dogs and take an initiative to develop a sense of responsibility in the people to serve the street dogs and provide them with basic necessities of living that is food and water for each and every street animal.

Vaccination Campaign



A vaccine can prevent rabies”. Rabies is a vaccine-preventable zoonotic disease which occurs in more than 150 countries and territories. However, in India, rabies remains a low public health priority despite being a major public health problem. Rabies can affect both domestic and wild animals. To end the rabies in our society,  Nishabd with its volunteers organizes free rabies camp in the Delhi NCR region for the pets and street dogs and demonstrate a successful One Health model of dog-mediated rabies elimination( As United Nation announces global initiative to end deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030). A free anti-rabies camp. Through such campaigns we encourage people to bring in more and more pets and stray dogs for vaccination against rabies and also create awareness regarding the importance of proper vaccination of dogs.




Our campaign focuses on shaping the behavior of children positively towards stray dogs and how they can contribute to society for these critters with their little efforts. It is good to see children participating enthusiastically in this campaign by taking a pledge on not harming street dogs and feeding them under the supervision of their elders as and when possible. We have conducted more than 60 awareness camps so far in different schools in Delhi NCR region. We are thankful to the teachers and all the staff members of various schools for being such willing organizers.