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Best Dog Shelter in Noida
Dog Shelter

We welcome you to Nishabd- An Animal Welfare[1] Initiative a unit of Purusharth Charitable Society. It is a refuge for dogs in need of care and love. The shelter aims to provide an environment that is safe and a warm one for dogs that were abandoned, neglected or lost. We at Nishabd feel that all dogs deserve another chance to be happy, and we strive to ensure their wellbeing.
Our shelter provides spacious and comfortable space, cozy bedding, and healthy meals for all our pets. Our staff is dedicated and provides individual attention, daily walks and regular veterinary visits to ensure that every dog is given the love and attention they need.
However, our work doesn’t end there. Nishabd is dedicated to finding forever homes for our pets through outreach programmes. Thanks to your help, we can keep up our important job of rescuing, caring for, and helping animals in need. Join us to make a difference in the lives of the dogs at Nishabd Dog Shelter.

Contact details:

Phone No. :- 8010100700

Email:- [email protected]

Address:- Nishabd Dog Shelter, Vishnu Nagar , Part 1, Sector 115, Noida , Near Kushati Akhada

Working Days – Monday to Saturday

Working Hours- 9:00am – 7:00 pm

A Home Away From Home

Nishabd, the Dog Care Shelter is more than an animal shelter. It’s a hospitable place for pets to stay who were abandoned, neglected or maltreated. With spacious enclosures, comfortable bedding, and healthy diets, Nishabd ensures that every pet is loved and well-cared for.

At Nishabd, we offer our dogs a refuge away from their homes. Our shelter is a secure and a loving home for dogs with no other home. With spacious enclosures, comfy bedding, and healthy food, we guarantee each dog is comfortable and well cared for.

However, our shelter is much more than a place to stay, it’s a haven for animals who are in need. Our team members are dedicated to providing personal attention and affection to every dog. From walks every day and playtime to routine grooming and veterinary checks that exceed our expectations to ensure the well-being of our pet residents.

At Nishabd, we consider that each dog should have another chance to live happily. This is why we strive to find forever homes that are loving for our pets through adoption campaigns and community outreach. With your help we’ll keep providing a place away from home for the dogs that are in need of a home at the Nishabd.

Compassionate Care

From the moment that a dog is brought to Nishabd, the moment they arrive, they are welcomed with love and kindness. We spend time getting to know the individual needs of each dog and their preferences, making sure they feel secure and loved while they are at our home. We provide a warm sleeping space, nourishing food, or cozy cuddles. Our goal is to make each dog feel like they belong.

At Nishabd we believe that all dogs deserve being treated with respect, kindness, respect, and understanding. This is why we’re committed to providing the highest level of care for every pet in our shelter, ensuring they get the attention and love they deserve.

Services offered by NISHABD:

  1. Ambulance Service: In the case of emergency situations our ambulance service can take sick or injured pets to our shelter or to a vet clinic for urgent medical treatment.
  2. Shelter Service: Our sanctuary offers an appropriate and safe environment for pets who were neglected, abandoned or abused. We offer large enclosures, comfortable bedding, and healthy food to ensure their safety and comfort.
  3. 24/7 Paravet: Our experienced team of paravets are available 24/7 to offer medical assistance and treatment for dogs who require it. When it comes to administering medication or dressing wounds, or monitoring health issues Our paravets are there to assist.
  4. The Treatment and Therapy Center: We provide various treatments and therapies that address various health issues and aid in healing. From wound treatment and physical therapy, to rehabilitation and counseling Our approach is tailored to meet the specific requirements of every dog.
  5. Rabies Vaccination: It is crucial to prevent transmission of the rabies virus as well as guarding dogs against this deadly disease. We offer rabies vaccination to ensure that all dogs under our care are safe.
  6. Healthy meals: Nutritional balance is essential for the wellbeing and health of dogs. We offer balanced and nutritious food to make sure that the dogs living in our shelter are getting the necessary nutrition they require to thrive.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteering: Volunteering your time and expertise is an excellent opportunity to directly affect a dog’s life at Nishabd. If you’ve worked in the field of animal care or would like to lend a hand, there are a variety of tasks that you can help in, including walking dogs or cleaning kennels, helping with feeding or providing an environment for socialization and companionship for the dogs.
  • Donate: Your financial donations will help Nishabd to cover the costs for food and medical costs, maintenance of the shelter, and other operational costs. Also donations of toys, dog food bedding, leashes, bedding and other pet-related items are appreciated and can help in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the dogs we care for.
  • Promote Awareness: Increase awareness about Nishabd’s work. We carry out this by posting Nishabd’s mission, successes, and upcoming events on social media sites. By spreading the message to your family, friends and colleagues, you’ll increase people to support us and possibly adopt the dogs in our shelter.
  • Adopt: Think about adopting one of the dogs and providing them with an affectionate forever home. Nishabd shelters dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes, each with their own distinctive character and story. When you adopt a dog it’s not just giving a place to the dog you love, but also allowing the shelter to another animal who is in need.
  • Fostering: The act of fostering dogs from Nishabd provides temporary shelter and care for dogs that may not do well in a shelter setting or require additional attention due to physical or mental issues. Fostering is not just a way to reduce the overcrowding at our shelter but also gives the dogs a chance to live in a familiar setting, which makes them more adoptable in the future.

Your contribution, whether through giving, volunteering, spreading awareness and adoption, or even foster care, plays a vital role in assisting us in keeping our commitment to offering love, affection, and shelter for dogs who need it. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our lives and the lives of worthy pets.


Nishabd Pet Care Shelter acts as a source of hope for the dogs in Noida providing them with affection, love along with a new chance to live a better life. If you donate to Nishabd it’s not just aiding dogs; you’re transforming lives. Together it is our goal to ensure each dog is given the love, attention and respect they deserve. Join us in helping Nishabd and making an impact on the lives of the dogs who are in need.

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