Diet For Stray Dogs

The Right Diet For Stray Dogs

The Right Diet For Stray Dogs


Stray dogs at corners of every street and many wonderful people selflessly try to help dogs by feeding them. While such acts are highly appreciated, it is always better to know what food items are good for the health of the dogs in order to prevent avoidable sickness.
The best foods that you can feed strays are boiled items like potatoes, rice and other vegetables. These are the easiest and essential meals. AVOID foods like biscuits, leftovers and milk which have ingredients like sugar, spices which put them at risk of diabetes and weight gain. Milk and certain dairy products also cause vomiting, diarrhoea as most dogs are lactose intolerant.
SAFEST foods that dogs will likely not have a bad reaction to include:
* FRUITS (apples/ bananas/ papaya/ pear)
* Packaged dog food (it is not the best food for strays and should be given in minimum quantity but if you don’t like to cook. Canned dog foods can be a good substitute for feeding strays)

Foods to AVOID:



Let’s keep this in mind when feeding our furry friends in order to help the in the best way possible!!


Vaccination of Dogs



Ms. Shirin Chhibber

If you are a dog owner you are probably already aware about how beneficial vaccines and sterilizers are for your pets, but it is not only necessary for pets but all dogs. Sterilization offers a path to lead a healthier life for dogs, with a hearty, robust and flourishing future ahead. Recent polls and researches have shown that sterilized dogs are less susceptible to certain diseases. Adding to that it is also a procedure through which forceful and excessive breeding can be avoided. But to learn the pros and cons of these operations we will first have to learn what happens in them. Let’s walk through the typical procedures of vaccinations and sterilizations.

Sterilization is a medical surgery which involves the removal of the reproductive organs, mostly performed on animals such as dogs. By this basic explanation we are able to understand that through this process, the reproduction of that animal is permanently stopped. It thus plays a crucial role in controlling the population of dogs. In male dogs the testes or testicles are removed this process is known as castration. Similarly, in females the ovaries and uterus are removed and through this the female dogs are ‘spayed’.

Vaccinations play the role of protection against deadly and almost untreatable diseases. Some common diseases that can be avoided in dogs through vaccinations are rabies and distemper. During vaccination procedures the dead bodies of the disease are injected into the animal to produce antibodies which helps in any consequential fight against the same. As a result, the immune system of the animal is strengthened.

The most common misconceptions about these are that they are painful and dangerous as well as costly. Sterilizations and vaccinations are the most common operations performed on animals. There are minimal risks if they are performed by a licensed veteran. Sterilization is performed under anaesthesia and additionally painkillers are given which means that no pain is felt by the dog. Most dogs are able to recover from both procedures in 24 to 48 hours. These are investments as they avoid future illnesses and the cost of them is not much considering they last a lifetime.

Both these procedures are required for a healthy population of dogs and the control of the same. In our colonies and homes sterilization and vaccinations are efficient means to prevent the spread of diseases and the overpopulation of stray dogs as well as pets. These procedures also bring about a change in the nature of the dogs such as their protective and aggressive instincts which often lead to violent fights are reduced. They are now also less prone to attacking over territorial clashes.

Dogs are territorial animals and are hence likely to attack in case of their relocation. Even if the population of dogs is relocated from a specific area there is high probability and scope for new dogs to migrate to the same place. In many regions the relocation of stray dogs has resulted in the increase of their overall population. So naturally this option is not ideal, instead sterilization and vaccination of these dogs is much better than to evacuate them from a certain area.

According to the World Health Organization, sterilization and vaccinations are the only scientific methods to reduce the stray population of dogs and ensure their health, and are suitable for implementing in developing countries. By taking these simple measures to vaccinate and sterilize the stray dogs in your neighborhood, the population of dogs becomes non- aggressive and rabies-free, as well as infertile which in the long run would decrease the stray population, not to mention this will play a huge role in abolishing the common stigma against strays.




The campaign is conducted periodically in the Delhi NCR region at various locations simultaneously where we place several bowls to serve the thirsty dogs with water and food. Through this campaign we also create sensitivity towards street dogs and take an initiative to develop a sense of responsibility in the people to serve the street dogs and provide them with basic necessities of living that is food and water for each and every street animal.

Pet Fed



PET FED an event which provides an opportunity to all to express, interact, explore and share the vital information on animal rights and compassion. PET FED is also source of entertainment through participatory activities for the dogs to showcase their skills and talent.

NISHABD also got a chance to participate in PET FED 2018.

As an Animal shelter it was exciting experience to share the services of Nishabd Dog shelter to thousands of visitors. In addition to this we have been able to learn and explore the ideas about the shelter services by interacting with other organisations in order to improve and ease the services. We also interacted with many dog lovers and people working for welfare of animals who showed their interest to volunteer for well-being of street dogs. We also shared our approach for animal recuse services and types of treatment we offer to injured and sick street dogs. We thank PET FED team for providing this platform where we met these many compassionate people.

World Animal Day



On the occasion of World Animal Day, Nishabd celebrated it by striving the 2 days campaign in Noida and Dadri on Animal rights and its welfare with changing positive behaviour for stray animals in our society as  it is the duty of every citizen to have compassion towards animals including  street dogs. We started it from Noida with a  “pyali” campaign in the nearby localities of Ramagya school, and market of Noida Sector 50, With the student and teacher of Ramagya school where children and teachers actively participated in the campaign by feeding the street dogs.

Vaccination Campaign



A vaccine can prevent rabies”. Rabies is a vaccine-preventable zoonotic disease which occurs in more than 150 countries and territories. However, in India, rabies remains a low public health priority despite being a major public health problem. Rabies can affect both domestic and wild animals. To end the rabies in our society,  Nishabd with its volunteers organizes free rabies camp in the Delhi NCR region for the pets and street dogs and demonstrate a successful One Health model of dog-mediated rabies elimination( As United Nation announces global initiative to end deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030). A free anti-rabies camp. Through such campaigns we encourage people to bring in more and more pets and stray dogs for vaccination against rabies and also create awareness regarding the importance of proper vaccination of dogs.




Our campaign focuses on shaping the behavior of children positively towards stray dogs and how they can contribute to society for these critters with their little efforts. It is good to see children participating enthusiastically in this campaign by taking a pledge on not harming street dogs and feeding them under the supervision of their elders as and when possible. We have conducted more than 60 awareness camps so far in different schools in Delhi NCR region. We are thankful to the teachers and all the staff members of various schools for being such willing organizers.

dog lili



We have received this dog in such a condition where she was unable to walk. On 5th April 2020 with help of Mr. Lakshya from Rohini, Delhi we were informed about this case.

He came to know from one of his friend near his home about this dog who was dragging herself on road side. In response of this he went on the location where he noticed the dog in pain. In addition to this dog was not able to walk. He somehow coordinated with private ambulance driver and sent this dog at Nishabd shelter however it was difficult for him to rescue the dog due to pandemic.

Our medical team at Nishabd found that dog’s pelvis bone was broken while examining the dog. This female dog ‘Lili’ seems 3+ years old. We are trying our best to make this dog able to come out from this suffering as soon as possible. Therefore dog ‘Lili’ will stay at Nishabd for few weeks for regular care and treatment. Meanwhile dog need your support in terms of prayers to quickly recover.


Whistle !!

Whistle !! Please Stay at Home !!

While nation is lockdown to break the chain of #coronavirus. Many of us are working for Human safety as well as Animals and fendering for themselves. Here is our contribution to save the life of stray animal who are suffering in this pandemic with injuries. Last day we got sad news over phone from Mr. Yogesh about a 6+ years old stray dog at Ghaziabad in which a dog has been beaten up by few people.

He also had conversation with few people around there at the location in which he cleared the doubts that coronavirus doesn’t spread with dogs. When we brought the dog at our shelter we found some wounds on dogs hind legs and he was so scared of this Human behavior. But we made him feel safe here at shelter and we gave him food. Medicine has been given to this dog after cleaning the wound which will be given to him for few more weeks for complete healing of wound.

We have named this dog ‘Himmat’ after seeing his courage, however he was scared but there is no hatred in his behavior against humans as he is co-operative in treatment. Due to injuries he has lost some trust over human. At the time of his stay here at our shelter we will definitely build trust of this dog behvaour towards humans with love and care but he needs your prayers and support for speedy recovery. So please pray for the dog ‘Himmat’ for his recovery and we request all of you that dogs doesn’t spread coronavirus so don’t do any misbehaviour with them.

dog tutu



Whenever any injured and sick stray dogs are reported we extend them help with open arms as an animal welfare organization. We treat these injured, sick and needy dogs in our shelter and send them back to their location with their normal state of health. This is how we usually work.

This is Nishabd’s journey in which we have rescued more than 1000 sick dogs, treated them and sent them to their location. Today another dog joined this journey. It started with a call from brick shop located in Dadri. As usual without waiting for a minute our rescue team went to the location and found a destitute dog ‘Tutu’ who was few months old.

He had no one to take care of in this early stage of his life and was living alone. Sadly we came to know that ‘he has lost his family and came to this place last evening” when we spoke with few people who called us and working out there. In addition to this they also stated that when the dog came to this place dog seemed energetic but while playing he accidentally got in touch with burning “Bhatti” which used to make bricks. ‘Tutu’s’ hip got burnt which caused severe pain. It was not safe for him to survive in this place and find a cure for his pain.

We took the dog to our shelter and gave medical aid to the dog ‘Tutu’. But he needs to go through the regular care and treatment as well as several doctor visit in order to make its progress. Treatment and care are the most precisely resources to give him a second chance of life. We are lucky that our shelter brings lives to these innocent creature through our services. However this is not possible without the support of people out there who have donated us in pursuing our aim to give treatment to these injured dogs to make a better place for them.

Once again we are here to raise Rs. 8000/- for the treatment, stay, medical and doctor visit expenses of the dog ‘Tutu’. You can donate or sponsor his treatment.