Whenever any injured and sick stray dogs are reported we extend them help with open arms as an animal welfare organization. We treat these injured, sick and needy dogs in our shelter and send them back to their location with their normal state of health. This is how we usually work.

This is Nishabd’s journey in which we have rescued more than 1000 sick dogs, treated them and sent them to their location. Today another dog joined this journey. It started with a call from brick shop located in Dadri. As usual without waiting for a minute our rescue team went to the location and found a destitute dog ‘Tutu’ who was few months old.

He had no one to take care of in this early stage of his life and was living alone. Sadly we came to know that ‘he has lost his family and came to this place last evening” when we spoke with few people who called us and working out there. In addition to this they also stated that when the dog came to this place dog seemed energetic but while playing he accidentally got in touch with burning “Bhatti” which used to make bricks. ‘Tutu’s’ hip got burnt which caused severe pain. It was not safe for him to survive in this place and find a cure for his pain.

We took the dog to our shelter and gave medical aid to the dog ‘Tutu’. But he needs to go through the regular care and treatment as well as several doctor visit in order to make its progress. Treatment and care are the most precisely resources to give him a second chance of life. We are lucky that our shelter brings lives to these innocent creature through our services. However this is not possible without the support of people out there who have donated us in pursuing our aim to give treatment to these injured dogs to make a better place for them.

Once again we are here to raise Rs. 8000/- for the treatment, stay, medical and doctor visit expenses of the dog ‘Tutu’. You can donate or sponsor his treatment.