Whistle !!


Whistle !! Please Stay at Home !!

While nation is lockdown to break the chain of #coronavirus. Many of us are working for Human safety as well as Animals and fendering for themselves. Here is our contribution to save the life of stray animal who are suffering in this pandemic with injuries. Last day we got sad news over phone from Mr. Yogesh about a 6+ years old stray dog at Ghaziabad in which a dog has been beaten up by few people.

He also had conversation with few people around there at the location in which he cleared the doubts that coronavirus doesn’t spread with dogs. When we brought the dog at our shelter we found some wounds on dogs hind legs and he was so scared of this Human behavior. But we made him feel safe here at shelter and we gave him food. Medicine has been given to this dog after cleaning the wound which will be given to him for few more weeks for complete healing of wound.

We have named this dog ‘Himmat’ after seeing his courage, however he was scared but there is no hatred in his behavior against humans as he is co-operative in treatment. Due to injuries he has lost some trust over human. At the time of his stay here at our shelter we will definitely build trust of this dog behvaour towards humans with love and care but he needs your prayers and support for speedy recovery. So please pray for the dog ‘Himmat’ for his recovery and we request all of you that dogs doesn’t spread coronavirus so don’t do any misbehaviour with them.