How to Travelling with your Dogs in Trains Here’s All You Need to Know


How to Travelling with your Dogs in Trains Here’s All You Need to Know

travelling with your dog

Our furry companions, four-legged friends, and partners-in-adventure – dogs hold a special place in our hearts. They’re not just pets; they’re family. And what better way to bond and make memories than by travelling together? This comprehensive guide will explore the ins and outs of travelling with your dog, whether it’s a thrilling road trip, a train journey, or even taking to the skies. So, leash up, grab your dog’s favourite travel toy, and embark on a journey of adventure and companionship.

Preparing for the Trip with your Dog

Before you embark on your travel adventure, a little preparation ensures a safe and enjoyable trip for you and your furry friend.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  – Tim Cahill.

  • Vet Check-Up: A visit to the veterinarian is essential before travelling with dogs. Ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and in good health for the trip.
  • ID and Microchipping: Ensure your dog wears a collar with an ID tag with your contact information. Microchipping provides an extra layer of security in case your dog gets lost during the journey.
  • Crate or Carrier: A sturdy crate or carrier that meets the travel requirements is a must for air travel or train journeys.
  • Packing Essentials: Pack your dog’s essentials, including food, water, medication, leash, collar, favourite toys, and blankets for comfort.
  • Travel Documents: Keep your dog’s health records, vaccination certificates, and any required permits or travel documents handy.

Travelling by Road: Road Trips with Fido

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” –Amelia Earhart

  • Safety First: Safety is paramount. Use a pet restraint or a dog seat belt to secure your furry friend during the drive. Crates are also a safe option.
  • Frequent Breaks: Plan for regular breaks to allow your dog to stretch their legs, go for a walk, and relieve themselves.
  • Keep Them Cool: Ensure proper ventilation and climate control inside the vehicle. Never leave your dog in a hot car.
  • Motion Sickness: Some dogs experience motion sickness. Consult your vet for suitable medications or natural remedies.

Travelling by Train: Choo-Choo with Your Pooch

“The train is the real travel; the best way to experience a country.” –Paul Theroux

  • Research Train Policies: Different train companies have varying pet policies. Research the specific rules and requirements for travelling with dogs by train.
  • Pet-Friendly Accommodations:Many trains offer pet-friendly accommodations. Ensure you book a designated pet-friendly cabin or area in advance.
  • Behavior and Comfort: Train journeys can be extended. Ensure your dog is well-behaved and comfortable. Carry their favourite blanket or toy for familiarity.

Travelling by Air: Taking to the Skies with Your Sidekick

“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.” –Walter Raleigh

  • Airlines’ Policies: Different airlines have different pet travel policies. Familiarize yourself with these policies and choose an airline that best suits your dog’s needs.
  • Crate Training: Crate training is crucial for air travel. Introduce your dog to their travel crate well in advance to reduce stress.
  • Direct Flights: Choose direct flights to minimize the time your dog spends in transit whenever possible.
  • Security Screening: Be prepared for security screening, where your dog may need to leave their crate temporarily.
  • Arrival and Rest: Once you arrive at your destination, give your dog plenty of time to rest and recuperate from the journey.

General Tips for All Travel Modes:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

  • Check Local Regulations: Research local regulations and pet-friendly places at your destination. Respect leash laws and cleanliness norms.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Keep your dog hydrated and adhere to their diet to avoid stomach issues.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise before and during the trip helps your dog burn off excess energy.
  • Stay Calm: Your dog can pick up on your emotions. Stay calm, and your dog will likely feel at ease.
  • Enjoy Together: The most important tip of all is to enjoy the journey together! Travelling with your dog creates unforgettable memories and strengthens your bond.

Whether it’s a cross-country road trip, a scenic train ride, or an adventure by air, travelling with your dog can be an incredible experience. With proper planning, preparation, and a sense of adventure, you and your furry companion can explore the world together, one paw at a time.


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