Puppy ‘LUCKY’



We have received this Puppy in a terrible condition few days back with help of Mr. Amit Chaudhary. The Puppy is about 2+ months old. As he is an energetic and adventures dog, sometimes it becomes harmful for them. He used to play with his family on streets but few days back while playing he was badly hit by a bike in an accident. He went through a terrible phase at that time. Mr. Amit chaudhary rescued him immediately and admitted him to Nishabd.Our medical staff immediately took the dog into treatment room and stabilized him with medication and drip. Initially when we received the Puppy, he was in a state of shock due to the accident. When we did his X-ray, it was found that both his hind legs are broken making him unable to move for days. In this case we have put the splint to support the broken limb which will help prevent damage to nerves, vessels, and other tissues.Since then Puppy is staying in Nishabd shelter where our team is providing him regular care and treatment and he will stay in Nishabd until we make him capable to survive in his location. We have named this dog ‘Lucky’ and we request you all please do prayers and shower your blessing for this dog ‘Lucky’ so that he can quickly recover and can run on his legs in future.