‘Changu’ 5+ years old stray dog lives on a street at Malviya Nagar Delhi. He is the sweetest dog of all as well as sensitive and loving. The dogs like him needs some affection and love. He is playful but since last few weeks this dog is suffering from sever skin infection ‘Mange’. His neck and ear are moslty infected.

But he was fortunate that he went under the care of Ms. Shipra and her friends when they found him in that location and tried their best by taking him to Vet. After the examination by vet it was found that he needs treatment with regular care for his skin infection caused by staying on roads. Thereby she sent this dog to our Nishabd shelter.

The dog is under going treatment and we hope within few weeks of treatment dog ‘Changu’ will be doing better than before by gaining the recovery. Please come forward to help him by doing prayers for ‘Changu’ to get better.