dog ‘Magy’



‘Magy’ 4+ years old male stray dog few days back was hit by a vehicle at a busy road near ITO, Delhi.

It has been a week when Ms. Trisha found this dog lying on the side of the road. The dog was in a terrible condition after few hours of accident. His injuries were affected to such an extent that he was unable to stand due to injuries on his left hind leg which was badly crushed.

She immediately took help of Mr. Ankit and took the injured dog to nearby vet clinic. Where Veterinary stabilized the dog by giving him the first aid and medicines which gave him relief. However the dog needed regular care and treatment, so Mr. Ankit contacted Mr. Amit who later admitted the dog in Nishabd.Here at Nishabd shelter, the dog ‘Magy’ will stay for a couple of weeks as he need rigorous care and treatment as prescribed by the veterinary which includes regular dressing with oral antibiotics. So let’s pray for dog Magy’s speedy recovery