Dog Mercy



Few days back we received this 8+ years old stray dog ‘Mercy’ with the help of Ms. Seema.

Before this dog was admitted to Nishabd shelter, the dog seemed in severe weakness and was unable to eat anything. Here in Nishabd our team did her blood test in which it was found that her hemoglobin is- 8.2 (below the normal range), Platelet count- 131 (below the normal range) and other PCV, RBC and MCV counts all below the normal range. The tests confirmed that dog is suffering from tick fever as well as there is infection in her liver. Therefore we have put her on drip to fuel the energy in her body as well as the medicine which is prescribed by the doctor are also being given. The treatment will be given to this dog ‘Mercy’ for few weeks till she gains the recovery.

It is estimated by the doctor that the dog ‘Mercy’s’ recovery may take couple of weeks therefore the dog will stay in Nishabd shelter so that we can provide her the special care and treatment. This is our kind request to all to please pray for the dog ‘Mercy’ for her speedy recovery.