‘Mili’ 5+ years female stray dog unfortunately got hit by a vehicle few days back and was left untreated on the road at Khoda market sector-55, Noida, U.P She was in pain with injured leg for few days which lead to enlarge the wound. But she was lucky that Mr. Akshay found this dog. He provided the dog first aid for few days but he was unable to give her proper care therefore he contacted  Nishabd on Facebook and admitted the dog into shelter. Nishabd medical team on examination found that her leg is not fractured but it was hit badly which caused big wound. However we have cleaned the wound and administrated the medicine that provided her relief. As she was in state of shock due to accident, so she was not eating anything when she was admitted but from next day she started eating properly.

Dog ‘Mili’ will go through the treatment and care at Nishabd including oral antibiotics with regular cleaning of wound for few weeks. As her healing may take a couple of weeks. So we will give her proper care in Nishabd until she gets recovered completely. We request you all to please pray for her speedy recovery.