‘Kali’ a female stray dog found by Ms. Neha Rawat when she was travelling towards Gopalpur, near Mukherjee Nagar Delhi.

When she saw this dog named ‘Kali’ in the location where the dog was living, she found some injuries on her back portion and a lump hanging on dog’s private region. Therefore Ms. Neha decided to get this dog for a proper treatment and consulted Nishabd team for help.

She took the help of ambulance driver and admitted this dog ‘Kali’ on 30th December 2019 in Nishabd shelter. Here in Nishabd, we did examination of the dog in which it was found that the lump hanging on her private region was TVT. As TVT is common in stray dogs which is big challenge for the dogs to survive in this condition without treatment.  We at Nishabd gave this dog ‘Kali’ the treatment and care which includes oral antibiotics and chemo therapy for couple of Month which cured the tumor as well as dog’s suffering.

Now dog ‘Kali’ is back to her normal state of health, so we have sent her back to her location with best wishes from team Nishabd.