DOG ‘Sweety’



This is ‘Sweety’ 3+ years old female stray dog that was born in front of Ms. Sapna’s home in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. She is feeding this dog since then and taking care of this dog through thick and thins. Thus, this female dog is loved by her a lot and is energetic too.

Ms.Sapna and her neighbours take care of her as her own kid. The dog lives with her sister dog in a community park nearby.

Dogs are often adventurous and some are even fearless. The world is full of insensitivity that can harm these stray dogs. Many of the times they have to struggle for survival of food. Dogs are intolerant towards any new dogs in their location.

‘Sweety’ in this connection was involved in a fight last month with a new dog in her locality which resulted to bad injury. But, Ms. Sapna went around and found her after few days of incident where dog’s wound was infected badly with maggots. She took the dog to the Vet where maggots were removed by the doctor.

‘Sweety’ needed regular care and treatment to cure her wounds. Thereby dog ‘Sweety’ was admitted in Nishabd on 17th January by Ms. Sapna. Nishabd team started the dog’s treatment including regular cleaning of wound and medication Which was given to this dog for more than month.

Meanwhile dog ‘Sweety’ stayed in Nishabd and her wound was healed completely. As the dog is back to her normal state of health so we have sent her back to her location.