Dog ‘Jainy’


Dog 'Jainy' is now recovered.

Dog ‘Jainy’ was lying near a closed shop with eyes bleeding at Burari, Delhi. When we got information about him on Facebook, Despite location being too far from our shelter we managed to rescue the dog as his life is precious.

Dog ‘Jainy’ appears to be 10+ years old. While doing his physical examination, it was painful to see his condition for our team. His left eye was injured badly. Probably he would have been beaten up by some inhuman. However after cleaning the wound carefully, we gave him medicine which helped him to bear the pain. We found his eye safe but he went through care and treatment for a week in Nishabd.

As ‘Jany’ has now recovered and is doing well, so we are sending him back to his location with best wishes from team Nishabd.