Dog ‘Mangu’ is suffering from mange from few weeks. His neck and face are infected with mange. Despite the infection, the sad thing is that he was deprived from the treatment which was his right.

However, inspite of this negligence in our society toward stray animals, he was lucky that he was found by Mr. Amit Chaudhry who rescued this dog ‘Mangu’ and sent him to Nishabd. After receiving the dog, team Nishabd has started his treatment. In this connection we found that it is demodectic mange which causes redness resulting to itchy skin infection that is caused by mites leading to dryness in skin.

We are treating his infection with oral antibiotics and regular skin scrapings to monitor progress. This regular treatment will be given to him for few weeks along with cleaning the infected skin with antiseptic liquid. Therefore he will stay in Nishabd to get complete course of treatment.

Hopefully a few days of treatment will provide him the relief. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery.

dog ‘Beeru’


Few days back on Friday in the afternoon while our team was busy in providing regular treatment to the injured and sick dogs in Nishabd shelter. Our team member got a call from a farmer about a dog who was badly injured in an accident. He stated that it was scary to see the dog in such a injured state, lying on the side of road and crying due to pain as he was not able to move himself.

Nishabd rescue team took action immediately after getting his call. In fact being a rural region and at the outskirts there are less chances to get the help for the dog. When our rescue team went on the location, They found that injury has caused huge swelling on his left hind limb. The injury was so bad that it led to some open wounds. We immediately provided him the necessary medical attention on the spot but when we brought him into the shelter antibiotics and drip was given to provide him some relief.

The dog is not doing well right now but we are not giving up. We are giving our best to take him out from this critical condition. As we are a volunteer based Organization, so we are falling short of funds to bear his expenses. But we can’t leave him at the edge of his life, We need your help too in giving him one more chance to survive. We need your hand to help this dog ‘Beeru’ in fighting for his life.



When ‘Trig’ 5+ years old stray dog came to Nishabd shelter about few months back with the help of Mr. Saif from Mayur Vihar, Delhi. The dog was in a horrible condition.

‘Trig’ was infected with maggots, resulting to a deep wound in his right eye. Hundreds of maggots ate his eye horribly. It was unfortunate that he lost his right eye due to unavailability of treatment on time. As soon as we got the information about this dog we reached him and brought him to our shelter.

We provided him the drip as he was dehydrated and was not eating properly. We immediately removed maggots from his damaged eyes and provided him the antibiotics to minimized the pain. The medicine were given to him throughout the course of treatment during his stay in Nishabd shelter which provided him relief from infection caused by maggots.

Now after several months of regular care and treatment in Nishabd. The dog ‘Trig’ is now healthy. Therefore we have released him to his location.

On behalf of dog ‘Trig’ team Nishabd is thankful to all the people for their prayers and blessings which they showered on this dog.



When we received this dog ‘Bhura’ 6+ years old stray dog on 4th September 2019 in the morning, he was in a critical condition. We rescued this dog with the help of Mr. Amit Chaudhary, his friend reported him about this dog at the location of Mayur vihar, Delhi. Where the dog was living.

We found his left eye full of maggots which was eating him alive. His pain was unimaginable. In addition to this there was a bad news that he had lost his eye as maggots ate his left eye baldy. But we are thankful to Mr. Amit that he helped in rescuing this dog and admitted into Nishabd shelter before he lost his life. Although we removed the maggots from wound and provided him the medicine which was providing him relief but sadly in initial days he was not eating properly. Poor ‘Bhura’ survived on drip twice a day for couple of days. After that he started eating but the healing of wounds of the dog took about couple of month to get recovered. As a result he is now doing well and wound is healed. Therefore he is now ready to get back to his location.

Today with the best wishes from team Nishabd, we have sent him back to his location.

dog Mercy


Few days back we received this 8+ years old stray dog ‘Mercy’ with the help of Ms. Seema.

Before this dog was admitted to Nishabd shelter, the dog seemed in severe weakness and was unable to eat anything. Here in Nishabd our team did her blood test in which it was found that her hemoglobin is- 8.2 (below the normal range), Platelet count- 131 (below the normal range) and other PCV, RBC and MCV counts all below the normal range. The tests confirmed that dog is suffering from tick fever as well as there is infection in her liver. Therefore we have put her on drip to fuel the energy in her body as well as the medicine which is prescribed by the doctor are also being given. The treatment will be given to this dog ‘Mercy’ for few weeks till she gains the recovery.

It is estimated by the doctor that the dog ‘Mercy’s’ recovery may take couple of weeks therefore the dog will stay in Nishabd shelter so that we can provide her the special care and treatment. This is our kind request to all to please pray for the dog ‘Mercy’ for her speedy recovery.

Dog Tricky


Meet ‘Tricky’ male stray dog who lives near Mr. Yogesh’s home in Rakesh Marg, Ghaziabad. The dog is energetic and human friendly in the location. Therefore, most of the residents provide him food and play with him. Mr. Yogesh who is an Animal lover and activist also takes care of this dog ‘Tricky’. But from few days this dog seems to be uncomfortable while eating and playing with his friends. When Mr. Yogesh observed the dog closely he found redness on dog’s testis region. He provided the dog first aid but it was not effective, so he admitted the dog into Nishabd shelter.

When Nishbad team received this dog, we did his examination where it was found that it is infection on his testis that causes redness and irritation to the dog. This dog is licking his infection region continuously due to being uncomfortable. The dog’s testis are infected because he might be sitting in wet places. If the dog with infected testis is left on the road without treatment it may lead to emergency situation for the dog because there was possibility of swelling that could create lot of problems. However we have cleaned the infected region and oral antibiotics are being given to the dog.

Dog ‘Tricky’ will stay in Nishabd for his treatment for a couple of weeks, therefore lets pray for his recovery.