Dog ‘Jainy’ RESCUED


‘Changu’ is a 5+ years old stray dog who lives on the streets of Malviya Nagar, Delhi. He is the sweetest dog of all as well as sensitive and loving. The dogs like him needs some affection and love to heal faster. He is playful but few weeks ago this dog was suffering from sever skin infection ‘Mange’. His neck and ear were majorly infected.

But he was fortunate that he went under the care of Ms. Shipra and her friends when they found him in that location and tried their best by taking him to the Vet. After the examination by vet it was found that he needs treatment with regular care for his skin infection caused by staying on roads. Thereby she sent this dog to our Nishabd shelter.

The dog went through the treatment and the dog within few weeks of treatment ‘Changu’ has made progress. We have successfully cured the infection in his body by treatment and care and he has gained beautiful hair on his infected part. So now it is time for dog ‘Changu’ to go back to his location where he will be taken care by Ms. Shipra now. We wish him best of luck for  successful life ahead.

DOG ‘Genie’


‘Genie’ 2+ months old female stray Puppy is living near the Bagban Apartment, Rohini sector-28, Delhi since she born there. Ms. Joy Dutta is taking care of this dog since than but from few days the dog seems not well. As the dog is suffering from Loose motion and Vomiting too. When she saw this symptoms .

She brought the dog into Nishabd shelter few days back in poor condition. The dog ‘Genie’ is diagnosed with Gastroenteritis. It can mean that dog has eaten some foul stuff like garbage or other no-eatables. However we have given her the antibiotics to the dog and she will be on drip for a week.

‘Genie’ will stay in Nishabd for couple of weeks so that we can effectively cure her sufferings. We are doing our best but she need God bleesing to getting recovery along with treatment, so please pray for the positive outcome of the treatment.

dog ‘Fulky’


It has been a week when Mr. Lakshya met this 5+ years old female stray dog while feeding other street dogs living near his house at Rohini, Delhi. The dog was new in this location. In addition to this dog was suffering from Haematoma in his ear.

The dog was unwell due to pain in her ear. It was painful for Mr. Lakshya to see the dog in such a condition so he instantly took the dog to Vet. The Vet suggested for surgery of the dog. As surgery is a must procedure in the case of hematoma so Mr. Lakshaya admitted the dog in Nishabd. The dog went through the surgery on 6th of february and now the dog is under post operative care for couple of weeks at Nishabd.

We have named this dog ‘Fulki’ and we are giving the dog best care to make her able to get back to her normal state of health. Let’s pray for the dog ‘Fulky’ quick recovery.

dog ‘Magy’


‘Magy’ 4+ years old male stray dog few days back was hit by a vehicle at a busy road near ITO, Delhi.

It has been a week when Ms. Trisha found this dog lying on the side of the road. The dog was in a terrible condition after few hours of accident. His injuries were affected to such an extent that he was unable to stand due to injuries on his left hind leg which was badly crushed.

She immediately took help of Mr. Ankit and took the injured dog to nearby vet clinic. Where Veterinary stabilized the dog by giving him the first aid and medicines which gave him relief. However the dog needed regular care and treatment, so Mr. Ankit contacted Mr. Amit who later admitted the dog in Nishabd.Here at Nishabd shelter, the dog ‘Magy’ will stay for a couple of weeks as he need rigorous care and treatment as prescribed by the veterinary which includes regular dressing with oral antibiotics. So let’s pray for dog Magy’s speedy recovery

DOG ‘Rani’


‘Rani’ came to our shelter with injured right hind leg from Rohini, Delhi with help of Mr. Lakshya.Mr. Lakshya got a call about this dog ‘Rani’ on last saturday from his friend. On that day his friend informed him that a dog was hit by a bike in which there was bleeding from dog’s injured leg. As Lakshya is an animal activist so he is very well aware about the possible consequences of untreated accident victim dog. When he instantly reached on the spot he found that the dog’s right hind leg was badly crushed in the accident but she doesn’t allow anyone to get near to her and was struggling to run away from people.

However somehow he rescued the dog and provided first aid to the dog ‘Rani’ and admitted the dog into Nishabd shelter. Here at Nishabd, our team has started her treatment which includes regular cleaning of wound with oral antibiotics which will be given to her for around 2 month as wound is big and badly infected. So the dog ‘Rani’ will stay in Nishabd and let’s pray for her speedy recovery.



‘Mili’ 5+ years female stray dog unfortunately got hit by a vehicle few days back and was left untreated on the road at Khoda market sector-55, Noida, U.P She was in pain with injured leg for few days which lead to enlarge the wound. But she was lucky that Mr. Akshay found this dog. He provided the dog first aid for few days but he was unable to give her proper care therefore he contacted  Nishabd on Facebook and admitted the dog into shelter. Nishabd medical team on examination found that her leg is not fractured but it was hit badly which caused big wound. However we have cleaned the wound and administrated the medicine that provided her relief. As she was in state of shock due to accident, so she was not eating anything when she was admitted but from next day she started eating properly.

Dog ‘Mili’ will go through the treatment and care at Nishabd including oral antibiotics with regular cleaning of wound for few weeks. As her healing may take a couple of weeks. So we will give her proper care in Nishabd until she gets recovered completely. We request you all to please pray for her speedy recovery.



‘Kali’ a female stray dog found by Ms. Neha Rawat when she was travelling towards Gopalpur, near Mukherjee Nagar Delhi.

When she saw this dog named ‘Kali’ in the location where the dog was living, she found some injuries on her back portion and a lump hanging on dog’s private region. Therefore Ms. Neha decided to get this dog for a proper treatment and consulted Nishabd team for help.

She took the help of ambulance driver and admitted this dog ‘Kali’ on 30th December 2019 in Nishabd shelter. Here in Nishabd, we did examination of the dog in which it was found that the lump hanging on her private region was TVT. As TVT is common in stray dogs which is big challenge for the dogs to survive in this condition without treatment.  We at Nishabd gave this dog ‘Kali’ the treatment and care which includes oral antibiotics and chemo therapy for couple of Month which cured the tumor as well as dog’s suffering.

Now dog ‘Kali’ is back to her normal state of health, so we have sent her back to her location with best wishes from team Nishabd.

dog ‘Lucky’

little friend dog 'Lucky' is taking rest and enjoying sunshine at Nishabd shelter.

We make these little dogs comfortable so that they feel safe.

The dogs like ‘Lucky’ who are going through the treatment at Nishabd. Many dogs in Nishabd like ‘Lucky’ are looking for your help.

Puppy ‘LUCKY’


We have received this Puppy in a terrible condition few days back with help of Mr. Amit Chaudhary. The Puppy is about 2+ months old. As he is an energetic and adventures dog, sometimes it becomes harmful for them. He used to play with his family on streets but few days back while playing he was badly hit by a bike in an accident. He went through a terrible phase at that time. Mr. Amit chaudhary rescued him immediately and admitted him to Nishabd.Our medical staff immediately took the dog into treatment room and stabilized him with medication and drip. Initially when we received the Puppy, he was in a state of shock due to the accident. When we did his X-ray, it was found that both his hind legs are broken making him unable to move for days. In this case we have put the splint to support the broken limb which will help prevent damage to nerves, vessels, and other tissues.Since then Puppy is staying in Nishabd shelter where our team is providing him regular care and treatment and he will stay in Nishabd until we make him capable to survive in his location. We have named this dog ‘Lucky’ and we request you all please do prayers and shower your blessing for this dog ‘Lucky’ so that he can quickly recover and can run on his legs in future.

Dog ‘Sweety’


This is ‘Sweety’ 3+ years old female stray dog that was born in front of Ms. Sapna’s home in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. She is feeding this dog since then and taking care of this dog through thick and thins. Thus, this female dog is loveable and very energetic. Ms.Sapna and her neighbours takes care of her as her own kid. The dog lives with her sister dog in a community park nearby.

Dogs are often adventurous and some are even fearless. The world is full of insensitivity that can harm these stray dogs. Many of the times they have to struggle for survival of food. Dogs are intolerant towards any new dogs in their location.

‘Sweety’ in this connection was involved in a fight with a new dog in her locality resulting to getting injured badly. But Ms. Sapna went around and found her after a few days of incident where dog’s wound was infected badly with maggots. She took the dog to the Vet where maggots were removed by the doctor.

‘Sweety’ needs regular care and treatment to cure her wounds.

Therefore, dog ‘Sweety’ was admitted in Nishabd last evening by Ms. Sapna. Nishabd team has started the dog’s treatment which included regular cleaning of wound and medication. Let’s pray to god for her speedy recovery.