dog ‘Beeru’



Few days back on Friday in the afternoon while our team was busy in providing regular treatment to the injured and sick dogs in Nishabd shelter. Our team member got a call from a farmer about a dog who was badly injured in an accident. He stated that it was scary to see the dog in such a injured state, lying on the side of road and crying due to pain as he was not able to move himself.

Nishabd rescue team took action immediately after getting his call. In fact being a rural region and at the outskirts there are less chances to get the help for the dog. When our rescue team went on the location, They found that injury has caused huge swelling on his left hind limb. The injury was so bad that it led to some open wounds. We immediately provided him the necessary medical attention on the spot but when we brought him into the shelter antibiotics and drip was given to provide him some relief.

The dog is not doing well right now but we are not giving up. We are giving our best to take him out from this critical condition. As we are a volunteer based Organization, so we are falling short of funds to bear his expenses. But we can’t leave him at the edge of his life, We need your help too in giving him one more chance to survive. We need your hand to help this dog ‘Beeru’ in fighting for his life.